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This is also known as Quaker cemetery; it is located in Leicester, Massachusetts. 

There have been rumors that the Spider Gates are the eighth gate to hell or that as you move closer to the centre of the cemetery the closer you get to hell. Although paranormal investigations are not permitted by the Worcester Friends Meeting, professional ones have taken place on the grounds as well as numerous amateurs trying to find the source of the haunting.

Theories regarding this source range from the alleged hanging of a boy from a tree near the front of the cemetery, the brutal murder of a young girl on the cemetery grounds, and even that the centre of the cemetery, known as “the Altar” due to it being raised and surrounded by trees, is used for Satanic rituals.

If one is there after dark, banned by the Worcester Friends Meeting, you can supposedly hear roars and voices coming from the woods that surround the area. A mysterious white ooze seeps up from the ground.

There are strips of land where no grass grows. There are stones with ancient runes etched into them. And that there is a second, smaller cemetery nearby, that can be found only once, then vanishes.

While some, if not all, of these seem like tall tales, they have nonetheless led to a series of investigations. The only claim that has any evidence is that there was a girl murdered in the area, however she was not mutilated and left in a nearby cave as the stories suggest.

Another popular tale is the Legend of Marmaduke’s Grave. This myth focuses on the grave of Marmaduke Earle, a member of the Earle family buried here. The legend goes that if you walk around Marmaduke’s headstone ten times at midnight, then say, “Marmaduke speak to me” and kneel putting your head on his grave and listening, he will begin to talk to you.



I wished we’d gotten to see more of Arella. i think it would have been interesting to see her and Raven interact and learn more about bothof their pasts

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rennerd asked: steve rogers or jim kirk?

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9 times legolas was a badass

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